Also called sonography or ultrasonography, ultrasound is an imaging technology that uses sound waves to produce two-dimensional images of internal body structures in real time. 3D ultrasound is an advanced form of ultrasound that provides moving three-dimensional images in real time.

Doppler ultrasound is a special technique that allows us to evaluate blood flow in the abdomen, arms, legs, neck, brain and body organs such as the liver, spleen or kidneys. There are three types of Doppler ultrasound:

  • Color Doppler uses colors to show the speed and direction of blood flow through an artery or vein blood.
  • Power Doppler is a newer technique that provides greater detail about blood flow, especially when blood flow is little or minimal.
  • Spectral Doppler displays blood flow measurements graphically to reveal the distance blood travels per unit of time.

Ultrasound helps us diagnose the causes of infection, pain and swelling in internal organs and structures. It helps us safely examine a developing fetus as well as the brains and hips of infants. We also use ultrasound to guide biopsies, diagnose heart conditions and visualize damage from a heart attack. Like MRI, ultrasound is a safe, noninvasive medical procedure that does not use radiation.

Preparing for an Ultrasound

Ultrasound requires little to no special preparation. Your radiologist will instruct you about whether you can eat or drink before your exam based on the type of ultrasound you are having. Remove any jewelry before your test and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Depending on which part of your body will have ultrasound, we may ask you to wear a gown during your procedure.

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