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FRMG’s board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologist physicians provide the high level of care and service you may typically find in a big university hospital. This includes reading mammograms, 3D mammogram, angiography, MRI scan/MRA, open MRI, breast MRI, CT/CTA, ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, fluoroscopy, X-rays and nuclear medicine imaging procedures. Our fellowship-trained radiologists diagnose diseases of the:

  • Abdomen, gastrointestinal system (intestines, kidneys, liver, stomach)
  • Central nervous system (brain, spine)
  • Respiratory system (chest, lungs)
  • Cardiovascular system (heart, arteries, veins)
  • Musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, spine)
  • Genitourinary system (uterus, ovaries, prostate, testes, kidneys, bladder)
  • Major organs and soft tissues

FRMG’s physicians treat every patient like a family member. Our shared goal is delivering better care than the patient has had before and better care than they expect. Our mission is to provide the best diagnosis and treatment with the least amount of pain and suffering for the patient.

To learn more or refer a patient, please call FRMG at 714-970-0200 or fax us at 714-970-0270. Our service area includes Yorba Linda, Placentia, Bellflower, Corona, Fullerton, Anahaeim and nearby locations. 

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5528 E. La Palma Avenue, Suite 4A, Anaheim, CA 92807
Call: 714-970-0200 • Fax: 714-970-0270

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Fullerton Radiology Medical Group is a comprehensive radiology and interventional radiology practice with administrative offices located at 5528 E. La Palma Avenue, Suite 4A, Anaheim, CA 92807. The group helps physicians and patients from Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Bellflower, Corona and neighboring communities.
To learn more or schedule a patient, call 714-970-0200. Fax: 714-970-0270.

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