People often equate general radiology with taking X-rays, also called radiographs. For the vast majority of us, an X-ray is our first experience within the medical specialty of radiology. As you know, a radiograph is a painless medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat injuries and medical conditions. Basic radiology involves exposure to a small dose of ionizing radiation, which reveals hard tissues such as bone and cartilage inside the body.

Greater Safety for Patients

Digital X-rays use digital equipment that reduces the ionizing radiation dose dramatically. This provides higher-quality imaging and faster processing while enhancing patient safety. We can X-ray you from head to toe with great accuracy. General radiology also provides 3D imaging X-rays, fluoroscopic guidance and C-arm services. In addition to general radiology, our radiologist physicians read intravenous pyelograms, which are X-ray examinations of the kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder using IV contrast dye. This procedure helps our radiology team assess abnormalities in the urinary tract.

General radiography captures images of different body parts such as chest, neck, jaw, foot, hand or spine. X-rays are relatively quick and require you to hold still for only a few minutes at a time. Depending on the area we’re imaging, we’ll ask you to sit, stand or lie prone and hold specific positions. In addition to general radiology, our experienced team of radiologists works with CT, MRI, breast MRI, breast biopsy, mammogram, 3D mammogram, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and 3D ultrasound. We also offer interventional radiology services, kyphoplasty, port-a-cath, uterine artery embolization and biopsy services. We have a full-service women’s health center that focuses on radiology services that promote women’s health.



GENERAL RADIOLOGY (Nuclear Medicine)

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