Our radiologist physicians interpret computed tomography, or CT scans, as well as CT angiography scans which are scans performed with contrast material that allows us to better visualize blood vessels throughout the body. This iodine-rich contrast material helps us identify signs of vascular disease such as aneurysms, which are areas of an artery where the arterial walls have weakened, allowing the artery to widen abnormally and balloon out, and arterial blockages. CT angiography is also called a CT angiogram.

CT scans, with or without contrast material, are typically used to identify diseases such as cancer or abnormalities in the abdomen and pelvis. CT scans allow radiologists and other physicians to see various internal organs and identify the cause of unexplained pain. CT scans are noninvasive, fast and painless.

Preparing for CT

Please be sure to have a current list of medications and any allergies so that we can ensure safety during contrast injection.

To prepare for a CT scan, you may be asked to remove some clothing and wear a hospital gown. We will also ask you to remove all metal objects, including all jewelry, dentures, eyeglasses and belts with metal buckles. Metal objects such as these can interfere with image results. After your exam, we will offer you juice and a snack. You can resume your normal activities immediately after a CT or CT angiography.




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